This project is based on the famous Kids Were Here project. As the mums we are, we loved that concept and instantly identified ourselves with it. And because we are lovers of photography, we thought we could adapt it to our reality and bring it to our lives. This was how the Tidy Up Time project was born!

The aim of Tidy Up Time is to prove, through beautiful photos, how kids can be wonderfully messy. We will record and share daily the funniest mess cases of our children. There is no question that we will have enough material to shoot. :-)

We want you to have fun with our pictures and we know that many of you are going to identify with them. After all, in regards to messing up, all children are the same whatever their location, religion or education. Children's mess is genuine and through it, we can see the most beautiful scenes of innocence, imagination and dream. All these genuine feelings coming from a child is what we want to convey when you see these photos.

The rules that we will apply to our photos are only two: 
1. To not show the face of the mess authors (not the objective of the project)
2. Shoot the scenery as we find; don't touch or change anything; try to capture the mess as it was.

We hope you like the concept, feel comfortable here and have lots of fun with each new photograph.

See you around!
Tidy Up Time Team


  1. Adorei, a ideia, o look, as primeiras publicações, tudo! Parabéns! Tenho já umas fotografias que vou publicar no facebook do Viver todos os dias devidamente identificadas! Abraço

    1. Muito Obrigada Alexandra! Em breve daremos mais informações em como todos podem participar connosco. Não queremos que seja só um projecto para nós... Afinal de contas todas nos identificamos com a desarrumação dos mais pequenos ;)

  2. Giro o blog, o projecto e as fotos!
    Parabéns :)