Guests will post pictures every week, like us, with the same objective: Shooting Kids' mess :)

Alexandra lives with her partner and their four children in Cascais, Portugal. She divides her times between working at Cascais Cultural Centre and working at home taking care of her family. She records all the important things in her blog with beautiful pictures, take a look here: "Viver todos os dias". As she says, her life is messy and full of things out of place, but always with time to sort the important things in life - Love, Humor, Art and Education. This mother of 4 will certainly enrich our project! 

Catarina has a small son, Xavier and is married to the man who accompanies her and supports her in all adventures. Since very little, photography was present in her life, but was since Xavier's birth that this passion began to grow more and more. The inspiration and disere to photograph other people, other families and other experiences led her to create her small business "My Little World". In "My Little World" she record by request unique moments in powerful photos and completes them with beautiful stories. Know more about her project here. In Tidy Up Time Xavier´s mess will be the shooting target and there´s no need for a storyline, because when it´s about Kids' mess the story is always the same :)

Lu is a graphic designer and blogger in "Rebuçado Ácido". "Rebuçado Ácido" is a beautiful web space where she shares the things that inspire and motivate her in life. All people fall in love for this blog and the wonderful photographs she take from her children! Document the Growth of their children is her passion and you can fell it in "Rebuçado Ácido"! From now Lu will document the wonderful mess created by they children here on Tidy Up Time. 

Rui was born and raised in Lisbon, where he still lives to this day. His first "parenthood" experience was 11 years ago. He adopted two dogs, Baltazar and Mafalda (Mafa, for family and friends). He is father of two girls, with 10 and 8 yo, and he is married, which makes him live in the middle of 4 elements of the feminine sex: wife, daughters, and one of the dogs. He photographs professionally and out of passion, and he is part of the AhHA! Photos project. Things out of place drive him mad, and this project comes right in time to show him the other side of messy, the creative side. It is a challenge for him, since his first impulse to chaos is to criticise and tidy up, and not necessarily by that order.

Sílvia is the mum of two lovely girls. She and her boyfriend live near the sea at Aguda, Portugal. She couldn’t pick a better place to live. She is the author of the project Muda de Página (among many others all over the Internet) and writes her personal blog Raparigas como nós for more than 8 years, and she is very proud of what she does. She also works for other companies and is always on the lookout for new projects where she can grow and be of help. She loves the house where she lives and all the details that have to do with comfort and well-being, but she admits she is not suited for domestic chores. She frequently is involved in several things at the same time, and rarely finishes them. She also works at home, which makes it a bit easier for chaos to settle in there. Her two daughters are very fun girls with a natural tendency for the daily tantrums and a few weekly mishaps. The eldest, 6 years old, cares about tidying and she criticises everything mum does. It is very common for her to move things to different places, since she does not agree with what mum decided :) The youngest, 3 years old, is a bit more clumsy and playful and is very prone to mishaps worthy of every camera. Shooting this chaos at her home on Tidy Up Time is a sheer pleasure for Sílvia.

Xiomara is one full heart mother. She is the author of the blog Me and Everything I Know, passionate about photography and values that make children more curious, interesting, insightful and with character, who one day will be even better adults. Thinking of her daughter´s companion, they chose a house with a window facing to the sea, so she can count the boats and capture the movement of the days and life, always thought the same window. It´s based on the (wonderful) mess of this beautiful girl that Xiomara will shoot beautiful treasures, as she can do so well, and bring them no our Tidy Up Time.